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BookLab is the brainchild of Mark and Cherith Stibbe. A Lab is a place where you can experiment, so BookLab writers are encouraged to innovate. A Lab is also the UK’s most beloved dog (as in Labrador), so it will be no surprise to hear that Mark and Cherith have two, a black lab called Bella and a yellow lab called Phoebe. Hence, BookLab. Also, we do love a good pun!


Mark Stibbe founded the first version of this service for writers back in 2012. Mark is the bestselling and award-winning author of over 50 books of fiction and nonfiction. He is also the winner of the 2020 Page Turner Writing Award for Fiction and is now a full-time fiction writer.

Over many years, Mark and Cherith have formed a team of experts whose combined purpose is to help aspiring and established writers to hone their manuscripts into a publisher-ready form. They have helped hundreds of new authors to achieve excellence and publish their books. Some of their stories are on our testimonials page.

Our vision is to help good writers become great authors.

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