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ProWritingAid is editing software made by writers for writers. 


We all know that good writing is about much more than just good grammar. ProWritingAid is the only editing platform focused on helping you strengthen your writing technique. Reports focus on style issues like passive voice, overused words, awkward constructions, vague language, repetitiveness, inconsistencies, pacing, dialogue tags, sentence variety, and much more. 


Their unique combination of suggestions, articles, videos, and quizzes helps writers learn the theory behind good writing technique as they edit.

  • Edit Faster - ProWritingAid automatically suggests 1000s of style improvements so you can breeze through your editing.

  • Fix Style Issues - Writing can be grammatically perfect but still feel awkward and clumsy. Increase the strength and clarity of your writing with AI-powered analysis. 

  • Eliminate Errors - Nothing makes a writer lose credibility faster than spelling and grammar mistakes. Submit clean, error-free writing.

  • Find The Right Words - Tools like their Word Explorer and Contextual Thesaurus help you find the perfect words to make your point.

  • Learn As You Edit - ProWritingAid users consistently report improvements in their writing as ProWritingAid allows them to see and eliminate their own bad habits and common mistakes.

ProWritingAid has more integrations than any other editing software, with add-ins for MS Word, GoogleDocs, Scrivener, Chrome, Firefox and more. 


Premium users also get access to all the books in their Writer's Resources Library.  

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