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If you want to explore a more conventional publishing route, we recommend you contact Malcolm Down and Sarah Grace Publishing. They describe themselves as “a hybrid publisher.” They offer a publishing option that sits somewhere between traditional publishing and self-publishing, depending on what you as an author want. Whatever you choose to do – and they are flexible – they want to position your book within the traditional book marketplace at the end of the process.


MDSG Publishing now publishes fiction books and children’s books too. They accept manuscript submissions from all writers and agents. If they can’t publish your book through their traditional publishing business they may still be able to help you publish your book through their self-publishing operation. Using a great team of professional editors, they can help bring your project to a publishable standard and assist with an inspiring cover design to produce a great-looking printed paperback and eBook.

They can further help by listing your title on websites such as Amazon and ensure your book is distributed effectively.

Finally, they can also advise you on the best way to market your book in the hope that people in the target readership for your title will hear about it and buy it!



Here are some of their recent publications:

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